Michael Polk

Michael Polk has specialized in civil litigation and business law for over 20 years. Several things are needed to form and operate a successful business, including adequate capital and knowledge of contract management. With knowledgeable legal representation, you can be sure your business starts off on solid footing, and it remains viable in the future.

Michael leads the team in all business law matters. He has been counsel for big corporations in the past, providing for their complex contractual, administrative and litigation needs. Michael also has an MBA and business management experience, which provides him additional perspective into our clients’ business law concerns.

Michael will work diligently on your legal issues, working to resolve the matter as efficiently and effectively as possible. If a lawsuit is necessary, or if your company is being sued, he will position you in the best way possible, working to protect your interests while obtaining positive results, avoiding the expensive and time-consuming litigation if possible.

Michael is a member of the Nebraska and Omaha Bar Associations and a member of Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys.

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